Computer Number Conversion/Utility Java Software Api Library

Hello brothers,

Computer Science and IT soldiers, i want to introduce to you a new java computer number conversion/utility api library i developed for java programmers,developers,android developers etc to make java programming more fun and easy,since algorithms behind this problems are very complex and sometimes frustrates novice or beginer java programmers,so i developed this piece of java api technology to abstract the complexity behind these problems.This api allows to convert between computer numbers such as decimal to binary,decimal to hexadecimal,decimal to octal and vice-versal and more with ease.This api also provides you with number utility methods/functions that allows you to manipulate computer numbers such integer,short,long,float,double etc examples of the utility methods are DeleteDigitAtPosition,     DoubleToString,GetDigitAtPosition,GetLengthOfDigits,GetDigitAtPosition,ReplaceDigitAtPosition
,GetLengthOfDigits,GetNumberDigits etc more.
for example the ‘DeleteDigitAtPosition’ method deletes or removes a digit at a specific position(index) of a number base on the index parameter passed to the method. and the ‘GetDigitAtPosition’ method returns a digit of a number,base on the index value passed to the method.This method takes two integers as parameter,first integer which is the number which digit is to be returned and the second integer is the index which is the postion of the digit.This Java Api Technology is very powerful and fun to use,you will love it.

Computer Number Convertor is Available at download at:

Download now and start java hardcoding..Thank you.Enjoy!!!


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